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About GingerComm

A Student Information System which redefined communication network for teachers, parents, and students.
GingerComm empowering Make in India momentum with this free of cost student information system to enlightning the world. GingerComm Student Information System offers best in class solution to mobify school communication platform from SMS to advanced notification system.

Mobogage Pvt. Ltd. introduced GingerComm Student Information System who aims to MOBIFY all urban, semi urban and rural schools with this cloud based digital platform.

Our vision is to improve quality of education with a strong communication network and advanced online payment system called GingerPay. Ginger Pay is connected with more than 30 payment processor around the world including PayPal, Stripe, PayU, PayTM, CC Avenue, Citrus, EBS and more well-known payment platforms.

Become a part of Digital india and start digitalization with GingerComm.Secure your brand name today with GingerComm. Get a website, Android App and managed platform for your school for free.

What We Offer

  • Safer Logins
  • The Cloud
  • 99.99% Availability
  • Staff Access

We set strict password standards, and use authentication tools to protect your account from exploits such as brute force attacks.

GingerComm is on scalable cloud  and all our App data is safely and securely stored online and backed up minute-by-minute.

We are immensely proud to be able to say that Timely is available for you to use 99.98% of the time, meaning less interruptions for your business.

As an account owner you have the ability to assign different levels of access to staff that are allowed to login to your account.

Best of GingerComm

CMS Driven
Online Payments
Zero Setup Cost

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