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GingerComm is a complete student information system which enables modern communication platfrom for Parent and Teacher. GingerComm – Student Information System (SIS) is a web-based application software designed to introduce a conducive and structured information exchange environment for integrating students, parents, teachers and the administration of a school or college. Some of the other software packages available for this purpose include Student Management System (SMS), Student Information Management System (SIMS) and Student Records System (SRS).

Administration Features

  • Ginger Ready Website
  • Pre Admission Manager
  • Ginger Apps
  • Online Fee Collection
Build your very own website with Ginger CMS and shine your brand on web. secure your institution brand with GingerComm today.

We helps you think a whole new way where your institution will manage their own website and also able to manage it’s content, images, gallery, events information and much more with Ginger CMS. Ginger CMS is in-house Web CMS to manage website and choose your website theme from avaialble resources. Signup for free and secure your brand name today with GingerComm.

Isn’t it fun to organize all your admission related inquiry and to sell your school prospectus online?

Yes, GingerComm is here to offer great flexibility to manage your admission related queries and visitors book of school. GingerComm student information system helps your school to govern complete admission process with real time reports and graphical statistics. Convert your school admission process to Ginger Admission and sell your prospectus online. Receive payment through your favorite payment gateways and maintain parents interest in your school.

Let your parents receive all your school update on their mobile phones with GingerComm android app.

Android is largest smartphone platform today and GingerComm offers Android application to build a right communication channel for parents and teachers. GingerComm mobile app sends alerts about attendance, student diary, home work, Assignments, Digital Library and other important updates of school. Parents can also deposit fee of a student with GingerComm app.

Accept online fee collection through GingerComm. GingerComm offers inbuilt payment processors to start getting online payments for fee collection.

Today is digital world and all parents wants to save their time. At GingerComm your parents can deposit student fee through payment gateway. We have integrated Paypal, Stripe, CCAvenue, EBS, PayTM and more popular payment processors.


Features For Parents

  • Time Table
  • Attendance
  • Event Planner
  • Digital Library
  • Student Diary

We Solve Problems in a betterway with GingerComm. GignerComm detects the allocation of teacher in dual classes at the same time and alerts the user.

Time Table Management is most tedious and effort consuming task for the school staff. Each class has a unique time table along with specific subjects and subject – teachers. GignerComm – Student Information System helps in creating time table for students of each class easily and effortlessly. Moreover, the timetables for the teachers are automatically generated based on the the student timetables.



More Features, Less Management, Less Worries With GingerComm Student Information System

Now manage both student’s and group’s attendance easily with GignerComm Student Information System and quickly track the attendance of your class. GingerComm also send instant email and notification to parents as soon as attendance is recorded with GingerComm. Our premim feature is also includes biomatric attendance system.

Now use automated control of attendance with good cloud-based and Android App enabled Biometric & RFID Attendance System for Schools which ensures timely and accurate attendance data to help schools & higher education and many more.

Manage Events, Holidays and Activities with GingerComm School Notification System.

GignerComm School Notification System is widely used by higher education institutions to inform students, parents, faculty and other constituencies of important announcements and updates making them the building blocks of the School parent communication.

Universities and academic institutions interested in improving communications have a choice to make in how they set up their system. They can install a School Notification System Software which provides the service. Generally speaking, outsourcing the service even though is much less expensive and faster to implement however a native application rather than the outsourcing model is beneficial since the School Emergency Notification System is very crucial for emergencies and other confidential /personal announcements.

Make your learning fun with GingerComm digital library.

GignerComm offers digital library section for student’s and parents. Digital Library will include important educational videos, digital resources for assignments and science projects and some interactive videos for kids to learn rhymes and stories. Digital library will also help to turn student’s smart phone activities in a productive direction.  This Digital Library will be managed by GingerComm content team who also planned to improve fine motor skills of the child from initial age.

More Features, Less Management, fewer Worries With GingerComm Student Information System

GignerComm enables educational institutions to supervise student-related activities and their diary. GingerComm helps to Improve communication with students and parents.Improve attendance at school events especially those outside normal school hours. Reduce inquiry work loads on teachers and support staff. Communicate important policies and school regulations. Strengthen your brand image within your school community


User Experience

  • Student Information System
  • Responsive Design
  • Analytics
  • Over The Cloud

More Features, Less Management, Less Worries With GingerComm Student Information System

GignerComm enables educational institutions to supervise student-related activities such as keeping records of tests or examinations conducted, attendance, appraisal on performance including details of marks scored, particulars of everyday school attendance, and all other institution-related activities; in short, GingerComm provide a complete student records system.

Fits on all device including Web, Mobile and Tablets.

GingerComm student infomation system is suitable for any device and offers an automated parents teacher communication suite.

GingerComm inbuilt mechanism to meet the requirements of student-related information management as well as to serve the purpose of a school management system


Easy to Use

GingerComm Analytics and Graph helps to take better decisions to improve academics.

Although the very objective of this intelligent student information system is to tackle various issues related to students, administration, and teachers, it offers a wider perspective by providing a complete information management solution.

The centralized communication platform offered by GingerComm intelligent student information systems allows the parents and teachers to send complete reports and analytics about the student.


Easy to Use

With GingerComm, your data is not stored on your computer. If your PC, laptop or tablet gets lost or stolen, you don’t lose your data.

GingerComm cloud based Student information system is robust and scalable platform and also suitable for e-governance projects.

We are immensely proud to be able to say that Timely is available for you to use 99.98% of the time, meaning fewer interruptions for your business.

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